The Postdoctoral Research Centre (PRC) focuses on building innovative knowledge in various disciplines to mitigate against challenges within the business sector. The scientific platform concentrates on complementing the existing research base with further superiority. The PRC welcomes any discipline under business science to conduct postdoctoral research which is de facto next step on the academic career path after completion of PhD.

The centre focuses on core and interdisciplinary business science aimed at creating a significant and sustainable impact in academia as well as in industry. We offer an ecosystem that facilitates and empowers independent research. PRC recruits, develops and nurtures qualified and skilled researchers and specialists - many of whom are well recognised as creative leaders - around the spectrum of the business management. BSBI’s researchers receive access to academic resources to build and enrich their skills, sharpen their research aptitude to deliver industry leading research breaking conventional, established boundaries. At BSBI postdoctoral fellows actively engage with other academic institutions and respective industrial sectors, thus expanding BSBI’s global network.



  • 該中心在所有行業領域提供博士後研究,並應用創新知識的跨領域知識跨界。博士後計劃是2至3年的持續時間。
  • Postdoctoral researchers are assigned to specific research areas fitting to their academic background. They can choose from any subject area and match it with required research methodologies.
  • Fellows are offered to work as full-time with concentration on research and teaching (60-40).
  • The role involves full-time research as well as teaching of postgraduate and undergraduate courses, as well as supervising DBA candidates.
  • 還鼓勵研究人員向獲勝研究基金的提案,開始新的研究項目,並在BSBI首席學術總監Provost的監督下工作。
  • 鼓勵研究員建立新的網絡,在某些領域下寫研究博客,同時連續更新他們的研究及時與行業趨勢保持最新。



Explore and develop strategic thinking on global business priorities; build a repository of published articles, books and research reports. Fellows are encouraged to publish scholarly work in the Scientific Journal of Business and Innovation – BSBI and continue its academic legacy.

In the scientific domain, postdoctoral research fellows are working within a competitive research market and many go on to enter a myriad of science and science-related careers. This requires fellows to develop skills not only specific to their research area but also develop broader skills that meet the needs of a diverse scientific workforce and marketplace.



  • Application of research techniques
  • Data analysis and interpretation using new methodologies
  • Statistical analysis using R, Python, STATA or SPSS
  • 薈萃分析文學
  • 了解稿件提交和同行評審過程


收到一個無所不包的研究infrastructure and atmosphere to conduct state-of-the-art independent research to attest eminence.

Maintain periodic coordination and dissemination of research outcomes in scholar communities to expand and stretch the boundary for further collaborations.

In addition to this, postdoctoral scholars should demonstrate proficient skills in order to succeed in a number of positions in the job market.

  • Researching and gaining knowledge of available career fields and professional options
  • Identifying relevant transferable skills and aligning those skills with the job market
  • Writing job application materials (CV, cover letter, research statement, teaching statement)
  • Interviewing and networking
  • Negotiating job offers

Consolidate new research papers in the form of books, monographs and journal articles to be published in indexed journals and international publishing houses.

Dedicate a certain period of time to target submitting proposals (one every quarter) in Horizon 2021-2027, DFG and other regional/national/ international funding sources.


BSBI Applied Business Research lab

中國研究員根據他們的經驗和完成博士研究的年份被任命為高級或初級科學家。一個人被任命在內BSBI Applied Business Researchlab. There are two categories of fellows are as follows:

1. Junior Scientist, (BSBI Applied Business Research) –一個家夥被任命為初級科學家,如果他/她在2016年後完成了她/他的博士學位,並且在工業/學者中至少有5年的經驗。

2. Senior Scientist, (BSBI Applied Business Research)– A fellow is appointed as senior scientist, if s/he has completed her/his PhD before 2016 and has at least 10 years of experience in industry/ academics.


- The research conducted in PRC focuses mostly on applied theoretical and/or empirical research followed by developing a case study to provide industry-specific solutions.

- 每個人必須每年發布至少4篇論文(初級科學家)/ 8篇論文(高級科學家),最後發表一本書。中國成員也需要參加至少2個會議計劃(區域國家國際),並進行和管理研討會係列特定學科。


  • International researchers having a source of fund are welcome to collaborate with BSBI’s applied business research scientists:
    • To form a scientific team and work in Berlin for a period of the duration of the research project
    • 訪問國際研究數據庫
    • 在高影響的期刊上發布,
    • 組織研討會係列和會議
  • 在申請FERRER之前,擔保資金的研究員將優先建立和建立一個科學研究團隊,包括BSBI應用業務研究實驗室的高級和初級科學家。

Scope and Methodology

  • 該中心欣賞建立卓越域名和智能研究實驗室的傑出椅。
  • The centre has developed a 5-year plan on scientific research across several management disciplines. PRC develops research strategy and research plans on fund seeking and implementation mechanisms of research at postdoctoral level.
  • 該中心啟動與多個捐助組織和投資房屋的協調。
  • The centre organises quarterly seminars on new applications and innovations to increase the active involvement of its faculty members and research scholars from outside.
  • 在多個研究論壇期間製作機構之間的合作。該中心還舉辦了定期訪問大學和研究中心,以交流研究思路並為全球規模創造新的知識。