BSBI and Concordia University Chicago’s在創新和企業家精神(MAIE)旨在幫助學生了解challe嗎nges and opportunities that can arise when embarking on a new business venture or leading a period of change within an organisation. The MAIE teaches individuals the necessary skills to thrive in a fast-paced, international environment.

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What will you experience?


The programme also focuses on the needs of innovators who want to successfully commercialise an idea. Students will learn how to do this by working on projects that are directly relevant to their work.

Outside of the programme, BSBI also offers Executive Education courses for a duration of 5 days. The course is aimed at students wanting to be leaders and teaches them how to motivate their staff, how to develop an appropriate leadership style as well as how to communicate effectively with their team.

Why study this programme?

The MA aims to instil student with the confidence to start their own business and to become leaders in innovation within their own organisations. You will know how to tackle ethical issues and to overcome any challenges posed by a globalised environment.



Course Price

Price:€7,500 /年

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*Please note: Partial scholarships are available. Scholarships are awarded and managed by Berlin School of Business and Innovation and not Concordia University Chicago.

The School's admissions process is subject to the Consumer Contracts (Terms and Conditions). Information on your Right of Withdrawal and our Refund Policy can be found in the BSBI study agreement.


Learn to be an innovative, resourceful and adaptable leader through the ten modules within the MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. You will explore all the components that make up a successful business and develop industry-specific knowledge that will help you add relevance and value to your own organisation.

Teaching takes place Monday to Saturdays, during morning, afternoon, or evening sessions.

  • Creative Thinking and Practice
  • Leading Innovation in the Digital Age
  • Entrepreneurship for the Global Society
  • 原型/共同設計解決方案
  • Social Media Marketing Communications
  • 領導者作為變革的代理人
  • Financial Accounting for the Entrepreneurial Firm
  • 決策中的倫理,法律和溝通
  • 創新與企業家精神戰略
  • Capstone:創新和企業家*

*Note: This is the final course of the programme and should be taken after all other modules are completed.

Benefits of the BSBI Concordia-Chicago MAIE

Students will:

  • Study in Berlin, a city filled with historical landmarks, quirky coffee shops and an endless choice of restaurants to explore
  • 學會在一周內學習德語選擇,像當地一樣說出來
  • Expand their knowledge with textbooks, academic journals, online lectures and many more
  • 與輔導員和同學協同工作,討論互動項目的主題和工作
  • Attend field trips, practical workshops and guest speaker events
Features of the MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MAIE)

Students will:

  • Understand and apply the theory, process and practice of entrepreneurship and new venture formation
  • 建立成功的企業創新,谘詢和項目管理技能
  • Create and assess new business ideas by harnessing individual creativity, imagination, ingenuity and originality
  • Analyse and apply appropriate innovative frameworks and technologies to filter opportunities, companies and their customers
  • 通過來自視野,多樣性,包容性和變革的主導團隊來塑造道德,創新和全球文化
  • Collect and analyse data to assess viability of new opportunities as they relate to the global market, the industry and the team


Graduates will be able to:

  • 了解並將創業理論與創新應用於商業場景
  • 利用您的創造力和想象力,以產生新的經營理念和產品;
  • 實施領導結構,包括納入,創新和多樣性的道德價值
  • Assess data relating to the global market and scrutinise opportunities in terms of the value they will add to an organisation

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Career Progression


Location: BERLIN

  • 交貨:校園
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Intakes: March 2022, May 2022, October 2022
  • Campus: Berlin, Germany
  • Price: €7,500/year
  • Degree awarded by Concordia University Chicago

Location: PARIS to BERLIN

  • 交貨:校園
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Intakes: March 2022, October 2022
  • 校園:巴黎,法國到柏林,德國
  • Degree awarded by Concordia University Chicago
  • Price: €7,500/year

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The School's admissions process is subject to the Consumer Contracts (Terms and Conditions). Information on your Right of Withdrawal and our Refund Policy can be found in the BSBI study agreement.

  • 最低年齡:21
  • Academic qualifications:
    • Bachelor’s degree from a U.S. equivalent, regionally accredited institution.
    • GPA earned 2.25 or above
  • English language requirements:
    • IELTS – IELTS Academic with an Overall Score of 6.0 or above,or;
    • 72 (internet-based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL IBT) – for these programmes which are provided by CUC, the DI code is 1140, or;
    • Duolingo測試 - 總分為95或以上
    • Medium of Instruction Letter - Medium of Instruction Letter from Bachelor’s /Master’s University and should be signed by provost, registrar, assistant registrar or the president ofthe student’s educational institute.
  • Documents:
    • 填妥的申請表。
    • 從賺取程度的任何機構的資格,證書和成績單的認證副本。
    • 支持申請的聲明。
    • 來自申請人在研究生計劃中取得成功的潛力的個人的兩份推薦信。
    • Passport的完整照片頁麵的顏色副本 - 請確保顯示整個頁麵。
    • One passport size photo (jpeg format 150x150 pixels if sending digitally).
    • A copy of your CV/ résumé (in English).

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